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Akasaka History Part.1

Politics, culture, entertainment, media purveyor

Akasaka-Hitotsugi street location of people
and information come and go

And in this city across the outer moat Street, the Houses of Parliament, lawmakers Hall, and government district gatherings, from becoming TBS has moved especially in Hitotsugi street not only politicians, bureaucrats, movies, entertainment, Ya entertainment and information in all fields it was a place where people gather. Now Akasaka patriot who go the tip of the era politics and culture, talk the art, is also the city to disseminate information. In recent years, completed Akasaka Sacas and Biz Tower, a leading advertising agency headquarters also been relocated, Hitotsugi Street TV, music, movies, entertainment, Akasaka publication, as the city of advertising and producer purveyor we are beginning a new walk.
In addition, it has attracted the veneration of people from ancient around, there is a Na-sha-ancient temple, tradition and culture of ancient has rooted in the life of the city people.

A Hitotsugi Street Akasaka across the scenic pond, it was outside Edo Castle. Akasaka is to development, from getting to the Meiji era. Hibiya, Toranomon, that per Kasumigaseki became government district, that army came in Akasaka, it is because was supposed to be involved and deeply political By the Parliament was completed in Nagata-cho.

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Akasaka that becomes the stage of turning point of history

1850(Kaei 6)
Katsu Kaishu and Sakamoto Ryoma of encounter is to suddenly turn the Bakumatsu Edo period daimyo mansion and samurai residences, including the Kishu Tokugawa family. This is the Akasaka skeleton. Kaishu wins were relocated from Shenzhen to training of Dutch studies in Akasaka. Become a Maku閣 met with Sakamoto Ryoma in the mansion under Hikawa, a moment that was hastened rapidly time to Edo. When it comes to the new Meiji government, the mansion of large daimyo military facilities, other lords and bannerman of the mansion is the new Meiji government officials and military personnel, to aristocrats our mansion.
1900(Meiji 33)
2.26 incident (1936) even for residents of Akasaka, very big deal in the entire Japan n military facilities and the city officials and military personnel of the new government, economic deterioration and exhaustion of rural northeast by the Great Depression occurred coup of youth officer become a trigger. The young officer was a member of the first regiment of the Army Akasaka, Konoe third regiment. At that time, in the Akasaka of residents, Korekiyo Takahashi was Minister of Finance of the time has been assassinated. Town abuzz it becomes Akasaka of residents sent a day-to-day to be exposed to the tanks and guns.
1950(Showa 25)
Defeat Olympic high-growth era Reconstruction from the burnt ruins. TBS television broadcast. Royal Wedding parade. For the 1964 Olympic Games held, road expansion of Aoyama was important crossroad to the venue. Transfer to other residents by road extension. Construction rush of foreign visitors acceptance of hotels. Bar for entertainment and entertainment in the increase of foreign guests, club, and became a nightclub, of Grand Cabaret advance and ornate Akasaka.
2000(Heisei 12)
Then came was the Japanese archipelago remodeling theory It came after the Olympics and high-growth policy Japanese archipelago remodeling theory. Increase in negotiations with foreign buyers. Government goods officer in the increase of public works even entrainment the Karyukai, Oyobi waves Akasaka clubs and nightclubs of the economy, exclusive club, Grand Cabaret, even in such as disco, Akasaka large bustle. However, did not mean the collapse of the bubble is far from.